Dear Pilsner…

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Me and My Crayziee World
Dear pilsner,how are u?apart 4rm the terible hangova i got since the last tym we left,id say im quite aim of writing is to tel u how much i love love 4 u surpases dat 4 women or worldly love 4 u is eternal..rivaled only by the maternal love 4 u is bliv me wen i tel u i luv none else bt u!i love ur desirable n inviting it leaves al men wanting.i love da sweat trickling dwn da arch of ur bak.i love da coolnes of ur touch dat sends a tremor down my gut.i love it wen u open ur lips 2 kis wet..n seductive..i luv it wen u embrace me..ur soothing feeling fils my soul..oh the u light me ablaze wen u rush dwn my insides leaving my every nerve awake in ur path.n most of al..i love ur xter.unlyk my mum..u neva quarel..unlyk my wifey..u neva deny my..unlyk my palz..ur eva thea 4 me..n best of al..wit u i cn get a 3some,4some or even 20some weneva i want!true u drain my walet sumtymz bt dats a smal price 2 pay 4 wat we hav.I LOVE YOU DEAR PILSNER.
  1. mima atieno says:


  2. bonybambino says:

    oh yeah mimz…i know u can relate to this

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