Gospel Gone Mad!

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Published Works

Call them ‘hip’ if you please but the new breed of gospel artistes are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites for all I care. Neither the words in their songs nor their actions correspond with the Gospel they are supposed to be preaching.

Unlike secular musicians who focus on entertainment, Gospel music should be more about spiritually educating and enriching the listener. However most young Gospel artistes seem more keen on making a name for themselves as opposed to delivering the message and the result is that every other Gospel song turns out to be a club banger which is the highest degree of irony ever.

To cap it off, they dress, talk and act like the rest of the youth arguing that they are trying to remain in touch with their youth market by singing and acting like them. This line of thought is terribly misguided. If that were the case they might as well smoke weed together as they preach to them.

If indeed our Gospel artistes intend to spread the word and make a difference in the youth they should mould themselves into models to be emulated and not ape the very guys they are trying to convert.

Its obvious that these artistes are just trying to cash in on the thriving Gospel market especially when you consider the fact that most of them only ‘got saved’ after failed attempts in the secular industry.

While I may not have the strongest moral authority to judge them, I believe the good book warns against such actions and the characters in question should know better.


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