How Clean Is Your House

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Me and My Crayziee World

Some men give manhood a bad name in the name of bachelorhood. These are the type who shove recycled pairs of socks under their couches and hide used sufurias under the bed with remains of last nights ugali, only for them to still be there for weeks on end.

Ever visited a brother’s house only to be welcomed by a concoction of smells reminiscent of a public mortuary? Or a pile of used utensils in the kitchen covered in a pool of slime and grime that make you think there was a germ convention?

One wonders whether such are homes or just dumping sites for the occupants on their way to safer havens.

All this under the guise of upholding the fallacy of being an ideal bachelor? Brothers you desperately need to style up!


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