Stink Bombs

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Me and My Crayziee World

It so happens that im the proud owner of a rather expensive Persian rug on which no shoes are permitted and the other day when an old aquintace decided to pay me an impromptu visit, I was quick to point out this fact to him.

Just as I was beginning to appreciate his compliance to my rather cold request, something ‘fishy’ struck my senses the moment he ejected his feet from his massive Timberland boots.

The hitherto cool scent of air freshener was replaced by a pungent smell emanating from a gigantic hole in the guys socks that engulfed the entire room.Unfortunately for him I wasn’t in the best of moods and wasted no time pointing out this nauseating fact to him.

While many may account this to fashion, biological or environmental factors, no amount of justification can warrant such uncultured mannerisms in this age of foot scrubbers, herbal soap and give-away socks. To me its simple, if you cant keep your feet clean, dont visit people who have carpets!


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