The Monkey-Bar Effect

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Me and My Crayziee World
I know mst of u went 2 shady nursery schools and ur neighbourhoods dint ofer modern(if any) playground facilities 4 u 2 play with while kids so lemme start by xplaining what a monkey-bar is…Its tht horizontal ladder usualy suspended on some sort of metal frame with narrowly spaced metal bars running acros the wat u do is swing on 1 bar with 1 hand whyl trying 2 grab on2 the nxt bar with the otha hand.if u make it u move 2 the next bar..if u dont..wel at least u stil hav sumtin 2 hold on2..u digg? rememba that ex of urz who neva seems 2 get ova u n always comes bak 2 u evry nw n then?..he/she just monkey bared yo ass!!

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