TPF3 Judges Are Not Serious!

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Published Works

‘Tusker Project Fame’ has probably been the biggest local reality T.V series in the past few years but the latest and current edition is highly dissapointing to say the least.

Naturally, the show has in the past attracted all types of people, some of whom have managed to make it in the industry owing to their talent and the exposure from the academy while others had to face the reality that singing was never really their thing. That of course is thanks to the judges who were tasked with the duty of selecting the finalists who gained acceptance into the academy hence sparing us the torture of having to witness some horrifying performances.

While some of the fame seekers seem to be more of comics than musicians, the biggest jokers in TPF3 have got to be judges. One wonders whether some of those guys even have a clue about what theyre supposed to be doing.

If the auditions are anything to go by then TPF3 is going to be the biggest blunder since MJ’s (R.I.P) plastic surgery. The judges were overlooking some naturally talented singers only to pick a less qualified applicant based on God knows what criteria. True some of the good vocal acts were less enchanting performers or less endowed in the looks department but I thought the whole concept of the academy was to mould the candidates into world class artistes. And after all, is’nt Susan Boylle living proof that looks are’nt all it takes for one to be star?

  1. bonybambino says:

    This might be a bit outdated but what the heck…

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