What Next After High School?

Posted: January 26, 2010 in Published Works

Just the other day, the curtains came down on the Secondary School Sports Competitions where various schools exceled in different disciplines. Just before that we had the national drama festivals and again our young thespians proved their worth on stage. One wonders, where do all these talented kids go to after their high school stint expires?

I was told that the greatest achievement for an actor in high school is to go and perform before the President in State House. That if you ask me is a very pitiable fate by any standards.

Shouldn’t there be a bridge designed to tap these young talents while fresh from high schools and offer them opportunities in their respective fields? Dennis Oliech, Jason Dunford and Biko Adema are testament that given the opportunity, these young kids can develop into exceptional athletes or what-have-you but somehow no one seems to notice the potential in our youth.

Gone are the days when acting and sports were merely considered leisure activities. Today, even in Kenya, football is a full-time career and acting is as much a job as any other. So instead of promising youths non-existent white collar jobs and using them as stepping stones to propagate their political ambitions, the government and politicians should harness this potential by investing in sports and acting programes designed to absorb these kids once they clear high school.

If not for the good of our youth and the country at large, at least they should do it for themselves (so that when the industry is thriving and the maize runs out they can have somewhere else to steal from).

  1. bonybambino says:

    This is abit outdated too.but you get the point.

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