I’ve been meaning to start a blog for a while now but for some reason I kept postponing it for a day when I would be sufficiently motivated. Well today, I’m feeling both sufficient and motivated. I’m feeling meticulously needy to exorcise the realms of my thoughts of the demonic worms that slither within. I feel the breath of my soul as it flows through the strikes of my fingertips. Because there are voices in my head. And they want to speak.

So I’m going to write a blog about me and my thoughts. How we talk and have mental intercourse. About my life and lies. My wives (or at least would-be wives) and my miles.

I keep flirting with destiny hoping it will lead me to a bed of roses. and somehow, I get the feeling destiny flirts right back.

They say satisfaction is the death of desire. Well, my desires constantly keep going higher and higher making sure I never get satisfied. That’s got to be what fuels my ambition.

My kind of wisdom can not be obliterated. It is enshrined in the omnipotent vapors of my essence. So yes, I am purporting to be unequivocally intelligent! Or at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

I’m really the worlds most average of Joe’s. Yet in a sense, I’m that everyday kind of person who only comes by every once in an eon. Like Harley’s comet. A spectacle to behold yet so rare you might never come across it in an eternity. I’m that soul mate you know so very well yet you’ve never met. I’m that whisper that whistles beyond the horizon of your cognition and seduces your person into a ghostly void. Although a handful of my closest friends would find the above paragraph laughable.

Ideally, I’m a nice guy. I’ve never been in a single fight my entire life. Well, there was that one time but I doubt if that counts. That was what I would call a violent monologue. For the sake of my image and self-esteem, I will keep that to myself. Anyway, I’m a nice guy. The kind of person you would feel secure leaving your sixteen year old daughter with to go on a vacation in Maui. True story.

I find words thrilling. Erotic, to be more descriptive. The alluring curves of the letters as they dance in rhythmic twists and turns forming seductive patterns of words that are capable of arousing our innermost emotions are simply irresistible. The sensations they elicit from our core are the sparks that ignite our imagination and illuminate our reality. I enjoy playing with them as a child enjoys fondling a venomous snake oblivious of the potent danger it portends. Indeed words are innocently volatile. They can either create or destroy depending on how they are applied. But their beauty remains constant.

In a nutshell, that’s me. I do not mingle with the high and mighty at the high table of opulence. I do not embody the sophistication and charm of royalty. Instead, I identify with the murk and grime of everyday life. My existence is dotted with an indignant defiance to conformity. Yet I have no intention of altering the status quo. It suits me just fine. For that matter, I feel obliged to share my thoughts and experiences with anyone who wanders into my life. And since I haven’t held a gun to anyone’s head I wouldn’t care much for your approval on what I write/say. On that note, welcome to my blog.

Boniface Mwalii

  1. revv22 says:

    “I find words thrilling. Erotic, to be more descriptive… The sensations they elicit from our core are the sparks that ignite our imagination and illuminate our reality”- well put, to say the least.

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